Alex Kohnstamm – Owner / Creative Director

Kobamm Productions, LLC started back in 2009 while Alexander Kohnstamm attended Lawrence University. After working with the Admissions Department and helping them win the coveted Pride of CASE V Gold award with their segment “This is Lawrence”, Alex continued in video production with the notion that everyone is entitled to well-crafted and beautiful video and photography work.

Once officially formed in 2012, Kobamm has gone onto win various film festivals with their narrative work, recently won the 2015 People’s Telly Award, and have worked with national companies ranging from Thomson Reuters to Land O’Lakes. Kobamm specializes in commercial, music videos and narrative video production, in addition to promotional work for small and large companies.

They also work with the fashion community to bring stunning photography and video work to local and national brands.

Recently, Kobamm has acquired a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera to help keep up with the demand high quality work. If you want the highest quality video production for your brand or company, you know where to get it. Kobamm consists of  highly trained and very organized individuals that help bring you the best bang for your buck.

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